Saturday, February 16, 2013

The rich Swiss continue to slap evolutionists across the face! Ouch! That must hurt!

On February 3, 2013 we published an article on the wealthy Swiss and American which really raised the ire of Darwinists.  The article was entitled The rich Swiss and Americans are a slap in the face to Darwinists. Yodele he who! God bless America! It really galls evolutionists that so many people in the wealthy country of Switzerland reject Darwinism.

The article reported:
Consider this December 2007 report  from the Christian Post:
But proponents of creationism contend that most Swiss want creationism taught alongside evolution in biology class.  A survey commissioned by the Christian organization Pro Genesis earlier this year found 80 percent of Swiss want creationism taught in schools, according to swissinfo. Meanwhile, an international survey last year found 30 percent of Swiss reject evolution – one of the highest rates in Europe. 
Well, the rich Swiss continue to slap atheists and evolutionists!  Ouch!  A Swiss website reports:  Evangelical churches are booming in Switzerland and Faith, love and Swiss evangelicals 

Swiss Darwinism is doomed

In response to comment from a Darwinists, I wrote:

You didn't demonstrate that the Swiss website article gave conflicting surveys
In addition, the Swiss website declares: "But the Swiss proponents of creationism are working on fertile ground. An international survey last year found that 30 per cent of the Swiss reject evolution, one of the highest rates in Europe."

Second, Swiss Darwinism is doomed and there is plenty of data supporting this matter.

In 2010, the fertility rate of Switzerland was 1.5 per woman which is below the replacement level of birth. Secular people have less kids than religious people so they are no doubt weighing down the fertility rate of Switzerland. See:

Recently, Switzerland has seen a significant amount of immigrants from Africa and Asia. See:
Furthermore,  creationism is growing in Europe. See:
This trend of immigration will continue. See:

A lot of religious immigrants from Africa and Asia are creationists and members of Abrahamic religions and their numbers of growing in those regions. In China, creationism is exploding in adherents. See:

In Japan, creationism is growing too:

In addition. religious immigrants are more religious than many Europeans, have more kids per couple and are often resistant to secular ideologies. See: and and

You might as well face it! Swiss Darwinism is doomed!
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European and global Darwinism is doomed

Yes my evolutionist friends, Swiss evolutionism is doomed, just like European and world Darwinism is doomed!  See: European creationism  and Global creationism vs. global Darwinism

The next time you hear someone cheerfully yodeling, remember that Swiss Darwinism and global Darwinism are doomed! Yodele he who!

Remember. Swiss yodeling songs are creationist victory songs!

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  1. "In Japan, creationism is growing, too" you say, linking to a 7 years old article that doesn't contain a single word remotely resembling "creation". I suppose it doesn't make much sense following the other links you provide.

  2. Gottyehova,

    A few points:

    1. According to the pro-evolution website Wikipedia: "The post-World War II years have seen increasing activity by evangelicals, initially with American influence, and some growth occurred between 1945 and 1960. The Japan Evangelical Association founded in 1968.", See:

    Plus, I cited the WND article.

    So why do you think this trend stopped?

    2. Christianity often does well when a society experiences adversity. Japan has seen a lot of adversity as of late. See:

    3. Christianity is doing well in Asia and Japan has a lot of economic ties to Asia. Asia has an influence on Japan.

    I cite:

    "Yet the evangelical church is maturing and forming a united front. It is cooperating with and being influenced by other Asian Christians in evangelism. In fact more than 300 Japanese missionaries serve in over 35 countries.5 A new generation of leaders, growing excitement, and increased anticipation promise growth and blessing ahead!" See:

    Also, see: and


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