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The rich Swiss and Americans are a slap in the face to Darwinists. Yodele he who! God bless America!

Three questions:

1. Evolutionists often claim that scientific achievement and its attendant benefits will end if Darwinism ends. Is this true?

2. Are wealthy Switzerland and America, which have significant Christian creationist populations, a slap in the face to Darwinists and a bucket of cold reality thrown in face of dogmatic evolutionists?

3. What are the 6 words that will stop arrogant evolutionists in their tracks? 

Creation Ministries International writes on their 15 questions for evolutionists web page: 

Where are the scientific breakthroughs due to evolution? Dr Marc Kirschner, chair of the Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School, stated: “In fact, over the last 100 years, almost all of biology has proceeded independent of evolution, except evolutionary biology itself. Molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, have not taken evolution into account at all.” Dr Skell wrote, “It is our knowledge of how these organisms actually operate, not speculations about how they may have arisen millions of years ago, that is essential to doctors, veterinarians, farmers … .” Evolution actually hinders medical discovery. Then why do schools and universities teach evolution so dogmatically, stealing time from experimental biology that so benefits humankind?


Is evolution relevant or helpful to real science?

Video on Question 13

46% of Americans are young earth creationists

America has a lot of wealth and has a lot of  productivity in the science and commercial realms. It is also a country where 46% of its population are young earth creationists according to a recent Gallup poll. See: American young earth creationism increased in recent months - Gallup survey

Evolutionists, there are wealthy and educated Swiss creationists! Yodele he who!

The pro-evolution Wikipedia was founded by an atheist and an agnostic.  According to their article on Switzerland, "Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world by per capita gross domestic product, and has the highest wealth per adult (financial and non-financial assets) of any country in the world.  Zurich and Geneva have respectively been ranked as the cities with the second and eighth highest quality of life in the world.

Consider this December 2007 report  from the Christian Post:
But proponents of creationism contend that most Swiss want creationism taught alongside evolution in biology class.  A survey commissioned by the Christian organization Pro Genesis earlier this year found 80 percent of Swiss want creationism taught in schools, according to swissinfo. Meanwhile, an international survey last year found 30 percent of Swiss reject evolution – one of the highest rates in Europe.  

According to the website creationism is growing in Switzerland.  Specifically, the website declares:  "more Swiss are joining these movements".

A Swiss website also reports:  Evangelical churches are booming in Switzerland and Faith, love and Swiss evangelicals  

Six words for evolutionist who claims scientific advancement will end if Darwinism ends

Next time a Darwinist tells you that scientific advancement and its attendant benefits will end if Darwinism ends tell them you have 6 words for them: God bless America; Yodele he who!

Evolutionists, our Question Evolution! Campaign group plans to spread the campaign in the United States and Switzerland!  See: Question Evolution! Campaign and North America and Question Evolution! Campaign and Switzerland

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The rich swiss continue to slap evolutionists across the face. Ouch! That must hurt!

Yodele he who!

God bless America

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  1. Now I'm convinced. America is a rich country, and many americans believe in creationism, therefore it has to be true!!!

    1. Sam,

      You are practicing the fallacy of exclusion. See:

      We provided plenty of resources below the video showing that evolutionary belief is errant.

  2. This article is all bullshit.
    The sources you cite even refute it.
    Note how the article on swissinfo speaks of "The /fringe/ Christian organisation Pro Genesis" (swissinfo; emphasis added). And if you read the whole article, they give the results of a different, more respectable, poll which contradicts Pro Genesis.

    But there's no need to go into that; just take a look at our elections. The only parties who strongly associate with christianity (the EVP and the EDU) consistently achieve only very weak results in elections. And I don't even know whether they (openly) associate with creationism. No major party would even dare to do that, not even the most conservative ones.

    1. Theseus,

      You didn't demonstrate that the Swiss website article gave conflicting surveys
      In addition, the Swiss website declares: "But the Swiss proponents of creationism are working on fertile ground. An international survey last year found that 30 per cent of the Swiss reject evolution, one of the highest rates in Europe."

      Second, Swiss Darwinism is doomed and there is plenty of data supporting this matter.

      In 2010, the fertility rate of Switzerland was 1.5 per woman which is below the replacement level of birth. Secular people have less kids than religious people so they are no doubt weighing down the fertility rate of Switzerland. See:

      Recently, Switzerland has seen a significant amount of immigrants from Africa and Asia. See:

      This trend of immigration will continue. See:

      A lot of religious immigrants from Africa and Asia are creationists and members of Abrahamic religions and their numbers of growing in those regions. In China, creationism is exploding in adherents. See:

      In Japan, creationism is growing too:

      In addition. religious immigrants are more religious than many Europeans, have more kids per couple and are often resistant to secular ideologies. See: and and

      You might as well face it! Swiss Darwinism is doomed!


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