Friday, February 3, 2012

Why are the (expected) countless millions of transitional fossils missing?

Question #9

Why are the (expected) countless millions of transitional fossils missing? Darwin noted the problem and it still remains. The evolutionary family trees in textbooks are based on imag-ination, not fossil evidence. Famous Harvard paleontologist (and evolutionist), Stephen Jay Gould, wrote, “The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology”.6  Other evolutionist fossil experts also acknowledge the problem.  (sourced from the 15 Questions for Evolutionists Tract)

With millions of different species of animals there should be billions, if not trillions, of transitional fossils, yet there is not one indisputable transitional fossil.  Where did all these fossils go?  Artistic renderings of what scientists believe or imagine happened are not scientific evidence.

Many evolutionists and evolutionist scientists overlook this important lack of evidence as inconsequential because they “know” evolution is a ”scientific fact”, even though the scientific evidence they need to prove it is entirely missing.

So, evolutionists, “Why are the (expected) countless millions of transitional fossils missing?”

Surely you didn’t accidentally misplace them.

6 Gould, Stephen Jay, Evolution’s erratic pace, Natural History 86(5):14, May 1977.

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  1. God has put knowledge of Him in everyone's heart, and one must fight and rebel vigorously against it - but the Truth is the same yesterday and today and forever. We all will pay for our sins, suffering God's wrath eternally, unless we repent and ask forgiveness of God which is freely given in Christ Jesus.

    The atheists KNOW this, and yet choose foolish rebellion - as did lucifer. choices.

  2. Simple, a very small percentage of all living things get turned into fossils. The process by which a set of bones are turned into rock require is very specific. You would know this if you had any public schooling.
    Also, I note that the same people comment on your quotes, meaning, as stated before, either the people who read this see you as a bunch of Jesus-freaks, don't care enough to post, or are trolls like me. Anyway you look at it, it is rather depressing.

    Also, I'M BAAAAAACK!

  3. Thank you for your continued interest The Postal Dude

  4. Postal Dude, hundreds of millions of fossils have been found. Fossils for the vast majority of today's known plants and animals have been found. With the literally hundreds of billions of transitions necessary and not one of them fossilized, the assertion of the lack of evidence as a viable answer is fallacious, and the mathematical likely-hood beyond calculation.

    Also, the claimed slow processes of evolution and uniformity (things are the way they always were) does not explain any fossil existence whatsoever. However, the Bible and the Global Flood of Noah's day explains the fossil evidence and the lack of transitional fossils: 1) the Global Flood meets the criteria necessary to make the fossils (including fossils of fish in the process of giving birth), 2) the non-existence of transitional forms (everything produces only after its kind.

    If you are so depressed about this, turn to the God who created you and loves you, and accept His Word of Truth.

  5. I am pretty sure they have transitional fossils. Homo Hablis, Homo erectus, and Homo egaster are all non human fossils found. Or they can be considered early humans, that are morphologically different and separate from the ones we have today.
    Also, why do you need thousands of fossils of the same kind of species to say it exists? We don't exactly have a lot of T-rex fossils laying around, but yet we happen to see a lot of them.
    Also, why do these fossils happen to be stratified if not due to long time and wear and tear of millions of years? I mean, we have literally found fossils layered by several different geological layers.

    1. Michael,

      A few points:

      1. Dr. David Pilbeam is a paleoanthropologist who received his Ph.D. at Yale University and Dr. Pilbeam is presently Professor of Social Sciences at Harvard University and Curator of Paleontology at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Dr. Pilbeam also served as an advisor for the Kenya government regarding the creation of an international institute for the study of human origins

      Pilbeam wrote:

      "perhaps generations of students of human evolution, including myself, have been flailing about in the dark; that our data base is too sparse, too slippery, for it to be able to mold our theories. Rather the theories are more statements about us and ideology than about the past. Paleoanthropology reveals more about how humans view themselves than it does about how humans came about. But that is heresy."

      Pilbeam also wrote:

      "I am also aware of the fact that, at least in my own subject of paleoanthropology, "theory" - heavily influenced by implicit ideas almost always dominates "data". ....Ideas that are totally unrelated to actual fossils have dominated theory building, which in turn strongly influence the way fossils are interpreted"

      2. See human fossils at:

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    2. Michael,

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