Monday, February 20, 2012

Is evolution true?

Many if not all who accept the Macro-evolution theory who do NOT work in the field will tell you that it's true because it's written and accepted by experts in the relevant fields. Just because they were taught it as fact they must agree because they are given reasonable logic to accept the world as man see's it.

I was witness to a common and bland discussion in a Christian debate Chat-room. The common emotion for the atheist who was supportive of the theory "or in their opinion FACT" of evolution is just the similarities between breeds of animals today and those that are extinct. Rather than species of animal that are still categorized as say fish but don't see that the Macro says that a fish turned into an amphibian. They can't see that saying "millions of years" and "given our belief of old earth age agrees with the age of dirt we pull must mean the layers date the fossils" we must accept this preconceived data of dating methods and relate everything to that aging process.

Many will say "Everybody, or every creature is a transition" to show that changes are so small that we can't isolate what is changing to dominate the form and behavior of the creature for the future. While still pulling from this, they go on to say that it's spanned over millions of years of evolution. Which is similar to proving the bible with the bible. "Evolution happens because it happens and we can't see it any other way" They'd even go as far as to say the last change that drastically affected a creature's function in it's environment happened so long ago it was before Man kind banged rocks together. Mind you they like the experiment with Nylonase which has been debunked several different ways as not sufficient proof of macro change in a lifeforms.

I posed that if evolution is true then why do the great apes have 1 more pair of chromosomes than Man (we have 23 pairs)? They answer with an unobserved evidence that our missing 24th chromosome pair (which Chimps have) these pairs apparently fused together over a vast time where they (chimps) have 48 chromes in total they figure that it's not a belief but rather an observation that happened before man developed recording methods that this fusion happened. They still say this is SCIENCE even though nothing in science if it is not observable. Where they get a fusion it's a reversal if I remember correctly like a mirror (abcd-dcba)

If you agree that there's some dogma in the above evolution belief, not that I was correct in asking a question and presuming with a bias against evolution but just the validity then please subscribe to this blog and the Main Question Evolution blog-site.

Creation Ministries International offers great sources but is often overlooked because they reject naturalism and methodological naturalism and instead ask "Why should science be restricted to naturalistic causes rather than logical causes?" see: While you're interested give the "15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer" page a look.

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