Friday, February 10, 2012

Question 2 - How Did the DNA Code Originate?

DNA contains information which codes for all of life. The four letters (A C T & G) are arranged in a highly specified way in order to code for biological functions, in the same way that letters in the english language are arranged in a specified order to convey meaning. How is this a problem for Evolutionists and Atheists? The problem is that nature DOES NOT produce information or code systems. It never has and never will. Information ALWAYS comes from an intelligent agent. When we see "John Loves Suzie" written in the sand on the beach, we don't think "Wow the waves are acting weird today!". Instead, we immediately conclude that some intelligent agent wrote that in the sand.

However, that doesn't stop Evo's from imagining things! In this video, you can see what kind of explanation Evo's come up with to explain the origin of information. I've arranged this video to show how even Evolutionists refute themselves!

So do Biblical Creationists need to feel intimitated by Evo's? Of course not. They can ridicule and mock all they want, but at the end of the day, their explanation for the origin of DNA is "it came together". Wow. What a great scientific explanation! To this I say: 

I admire your faith!!

I'm going to stick with the Bible that tells us that God, an infinitely intelligent being, created us. Afterall, information ALWAYS comes from a mind, which means that the evidence is 100% consistent with what the Bible teaches. 

Isn't science awesome? 

- Matt

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  1. yes!!

    professing themselves to be wise, they become fools Romans 1:22

    we were once without Him; there is still hope!
    ephesians 2:12-13


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