Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Evolution quotes #33

With regards to Skull 1470:
"One point of uncertainty was the angle at which the face attached to the cranium. Alan Walker remembers an occasion when he, Michael Day, and Richard Leakey were studying the two sections of the skull. 'You could hold the maxilla forward, and give it a long face, or you could tuck it in, making the fact short,'[1] he recalls.
'How you held it really depended on your preconceptions. It was very interesting watching what people did with it.'
Leakey remembers the incident too: 'Yes. If you held it one way, it looked like one thing; if you held it another, it looked like something else. But there was never any doubt that it was different. The question was, was it sufficiently different from everything else to warrant being called something new?'"[2]

[1] Roger Lewin (noted science journalist), Bones of Contention (New York, NY: A Touchstone Book published by Simon & Schuster Inc., 1987), p. 160 citing an interview with the author, Potomac, Maryland, 5 Aug. 1984
[2] Ibid., p. 160 citing an interview with the author, Nairobi, 21 Jan. 1985

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