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Darwinists vs. Darwinists - Biblical creation belief wins! A French woman is going to help further translate the Question Evolution! Campaign into French

Currently, there are some excellent Biblical creation resources for French speakers which dispels evolutionary pseudoscience:  French biblical creation resources

Is there going to be significantly more French material debunking Darwinism?  It appears so!

On July 15, 2013, our Question Evolution! Campaign  group reported:
One of the areas of Europe which has the most evangelical Christian creationists is Switzerland. See: Swiss creationism

Our Question Evolution! Campaign  group just received this email from a Swiss creationist:
There are now few months ago that a friend of mine in France, who also speaks English, proposed to help me with the translations of the 15 questions for evolutionists. ....she has a lot of time (she doesn't work), I thought to ask her if she would be still agree to help me. I will let you know as soon I will have an answer from her.
The 15 questions for evolutionist have been translated to French already here: 15 questions for evolutionists in French   However, all the links on that page go to articles written in English. So the Swiss lady is endeavoring to get these linked pages translated into French
Good news from France

The Swiss creationist speaks French as a second language. However, her friend in France is a native speaker of French so the translation efforts can proceed at a much faster pace now.

Today, our Question evolution! campaign group received this report from our "Swiss creationist".  It is about her friend in France who is going to help with the French translation project.

Dear XXXX,

Good news, my friend will help me for the translations, but not before August as she is actually away from home and has no computer. Praise God....


In addition, if established trends continue in relation to the fertility rates of secular French compared to creationist French and conservative religious immigration,  then French evolutionary belief has a bleak future.  French scholars recently declared that evangelical Christianity is the fastest growing religion in France.
See: Creationism is growing in France and  French scholars say evangelicalism is likely the fastest growing religion in France and  Secular vs. religious birth rates

I hope naive evolutionists don't think French atheists/evolutionist haters who engage in religious bigotry and racial bigotry against evangelical  immigrants will prevail. Thanks to their hatred/indifference relating to motherhood and the resulting low fertility rates, there are going to be mighty few French atheists/evolutionists to stop the onward march of creationism in France.   In April of 2010, Eric Kauffmann declared that "the rate of secularisation has flattened to zero in most of Protestant Europe and France."

Bible believing Christians prevailed once in Europe and we are rising again for a second triumph!  Once again love will triumph over evil. See:  The Triumph of the Gospel of Love

Au revoir,  French evolutionary belief! 

Darwinists vs. Darwinists - Biblical creation belief wins!

A member of our Question evolution! campaign group has scheduled on his calendar learning from Europeans some specialized knowledge which will be very useful in combating atheism/Darwinism.  God willing this will occur in 2014/2015.   Part of the training will involve a trip to Europe. It will enable this member of our team to help spread our message faster and more powerfully.   Imagine that!  Learning specialized skills from secular European evolutionists in order to defeat secular European Darwinists!  Of course, we plan on sharing/recommending some of this information to our fellow Christians.

"Bring war material with you from home, but forage on the enemy."  - Sun Tzu

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