Friday, July 12, 2013

Christianity is taking a huge bite out of world atheism right now and China's atheist leaders attempts to suppress Christianity is intense. Christianity's rapid growth in China is causing more Bibles to be printed in China than any other place in the world

Christianity is taking a huge bite out of world atheism and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. China has the world's biggest atheists population but adherence to atheism in China continues to be gobbled up by Christianity.

Fox News reports:
“According to Niall Ferguson, the author of ‘Six Killer Apps,’ Christianity is growing faster in China than in any other country and there are now more Bibles being printed in China than anywhere else in world,” Alderson added. “Thus an emerging Christian influence in Chinese film-making is possible, although it is likely to be subtle and indirect.”...
Ted Baehr, founder of the faith and traditional values entertainment site, insists that the Christian genre does well around the world, and that there has been a push for the website to run a service in China.
On July 7, 2013 the Miami Herald reported:
The underground church, though its services often don’t exceed 30 congregants, has a robust presence. Experts estimate that Shanghai alone is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of such churches. Estimates vary, but there may be as many as 67 million Protestants in China, many of whom attend the underground church. These estimations place China in the top 10 nations in the world in the number of Christians, and the number keeps growing....

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A U.S. commission reported that the Chinese government’s efforts to suppress the growth of the underground church remain “systematic and intense.”

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We  told you so:  You see atheists and evolutionists: 2013 is the worst year in the history of atheism and Darwinism - just like we predicted!

 However, China has many leaders and levels of leaders and some leaders may be giving silent approval to house churches as can be seen by these articles:

 Officials are giving silent approval of house churches in China

China's atheist leaders and intellectuals are panicking about the rapid growth of Christianity in China 

 China's atheistic leaders are still panicking about the growth of Christianity in China

Japan and global atheism

In Japan, which also has a significant atheist population, Christianity will grow as well: Trouble heading for atheism in Japan    Plus, Western and global atheism has many trends against it as well. See: Trends and factors weighing in against Darwinism and atheism

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