Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Digital Journal posts an excellent summary of the Dr. William Lane Craig vs. atheist philospher Alex Rosenburg debate

Digital Journal posted an excellent summary of the debate between the Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig and the atheist philosopher Alex Rosenburg who teaches at Duke University:
Both debaters had great academic credentials. Creation Apolgetics' summary of some key differences in the debate approaches follows: Rosenberg opened with some ridicule of Craig saying that his arguments have been used before and are not new; thus we should not pay attention to them. One of Rosenberg's key arguments dealt with Uranium atoms emitting alpha particles (with one emitting and one not, with no apparent cause). He used this to counter Craig's assertion that things that begin to exist have a cause. He closed with a statement that belief in God is like belief in the Easter Bunny, tooth fairies and Santa Claus. Craig had no such ridicule of Rosenberg but actually complimented him on some points. Craig used slides to help make points clear, had clear speech with almost no ums and ahs; Rosenberg had no slides, and many ums and ahs.

Craig referred to Rosenberg's book featured at the debate, The "Atheist Guide to Reality", and pointed out some illogical problems in it. Rosenberg made little reference to Craig's Book, "Reasonable Faith". In these ways Craig seamed more prepared, on point with clear logical arguments and polished in his speech. Rosenberg also used the phrase "that Craig's arguments were offensive to him" which is an appeal to emotion, which is not proper use of logic. Also Rosenberg used the straw-man analogy using Joseph Smith's vision and Mohamed's ascension to call into question Christ's resurrection.

Doesn't this debate perfectly summarize the key differences between atheism/atheists and Christianity/faithful Christians?


1. Christians are gracious and are well informed of their opponents arguments.  Atheists are rude, whiny and often ill informed of their opponent's arguments.

2. Christianity is logical. Atheism is illogical.

3. Christians accurately portray their opponent's positions. Atheists engage in strawman arguments and the fallacy of exclusion

4. Christians are confident and calm.  Atheists are often nervous in a debate.  Atheists and evolutionists often do very poorly in oral debates. Atheists and evolutionists have a habit of backing out of debates they previously agreed to.

Shockofgod's summary of the Craig vs. Rosenburg debate

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