Wednesday, February 12, 2014 receives a record amount of web visitors this month. 2014 is already starting to be the WORST year in the history of Darwinism - just like we predicted!

As can be seen by the chart below, the website of Creation Ministries International, which is, is nearly reaching 300,000 unique web visitors a month - specifically their website reached 297,559 unique visitors in a month.  This is an all time record for them. So far, 2014 is the WORST year in the history of Darwinism/atheism, just like we predicted it would be!  See: 2014 will be the WORST year in the history of Darwinism

In addition,  it looks like Creation Ministries International will release its Evolution's Achilles' Heels project which will feature a wonderful book and DVD. It looks like a very exciting project.

Uniques (Global) per

Directly Measured

Evolution's Achilles' Heels

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