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Surefire signs that 2014 will be the WORST year in the history of Darwinism and atheism

A little known fact about Darwinism and English speaking countries:
A British Council poll of 10,000 people in 10 countries has revealed that creationism is strongest in the US, South Africa and India, with 43 per cent in each country agreeing that God created life in its present form. (source: July 1, 2009, New Scientist). 
India contains about 17.5 percent of the world's population and biblical Christianity/creationism is seeing very rapid growth in India.  See: Biblical Christianity seeing rapid growth in India

Furthermore, China, which has the biggest population of atheists, continues to see explosive growth as far as the growth of biblical Christianity and Chinese christendom is made up of many hardcore believers.  See: Chinese Chistianity

Christianity Today reported on December 13, 2013 concerning China:
After the Olympics, however, the world's attention shifted, and perhaps the government felt free to pressure the church once again. The government cracked down on the Shouwang church in Beijing, one of the largest unregistered churches in the city. Rather than disband, the church held Easter services in a park as it snowed. Members were arrested and pastors harassed.

The story was widely reported in the press, but little has been told about the broader effect of government pressure on the urban "third church." Has the church adapted, been driven underground, or scattered completely? Updating this story is the value of David Wang and Georgina Sam's new book, Christian China and the Light of the World: Miraculous Stories from China's Great Awakening...

Similar crackdowns occurred in churches across the country, illustrating that the Chinese Communist Party remains intolerant of unregistered Christian groups. However, Abraham and his fellow pastors have only adapted their strategies. Churches that had been modeled in the Western style of a senior pastor and staff leading a large number of members attract too much attention. During my own reporting trip to China in 2007, a Wenzhou pastor named Daniel, who is also featured in the book, told me that decades earlier, when Communist opposition was intense, it merely shaped the methods by which churches shared the gospel. The church simply adapted their evangelism strategies according to the pressure they faced.
Furthermore, attempts by British politicians to stem immigration, much of which comes from religious countries, has failed.  The Telegraph reported on November 28, 2013, "The Government’s bid to reduce net migration to the "tens of thousands" has been dealt a significant blow after the figures showed that it has gone up in the last year".

In the coming years, Europe will see a flood of religious immigrants who are very resistant to secularization and have higher birth rates than the resident secular population (See: Religious immigrants resistant to secularization ).  UK city dwellers, including London, are now the cities which are most visiting the website of Creation Ministries International ( according to the web traffic tracking company Quantcast:  Quantcast city data for    Long term, the situation for UK Darwinism is bleak.

The British academic Eric Kaufman and other academics have predicted that in the coming years secular Europe will see the tide turn and secularism will reverse itself in Europe (as early as 2021) due to:  the sub-replacement of secular population, the higher birth rate of religious conservatives, continued immigration to the developed world due to liberal ideology (multiculturism,etc. ), aging populations in the West and data showing that religious immigrant populations are highly resistant to secularization.  Since 2000, the global atheist population has been shrinking. See: Resources on the rise of global Christianity/creationism and the decline of global atheism  and  Global creationism

Since biblical creation belief is strongest in the United States, no doubt 2014 will see a host of creationist initiatives in the Western World - especially in North America. By the way, how are you doing as far as the 15 questions for evolutionists ?  Still stumped? I thought so!

And Dr. Batten's masterful article on the origin of life  hasn't made things any easier.  For example, Darwinists can no longer say that the origin of life issue is not a part of the evolutionary hypothesis/theory.  The prominent evolutionists PZ Myers and Nick Matzke have said that it is. Evolutionists, nice try to squirm out of the fact that the origin of life is part of the macroevolutionar paradigm in 2013, but that door has been firmly slammed shut by Dr. Batten.  And abiogenesis, a naturalistic hypothesis concerning the origin of life,  has been shown to be rank pseodoscience unworthy of serious consideration. See: Origin of life

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