Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another significant blow to internet Darwinism and atheism? Major news outlet reports Wikipedia's viewership may be sliding

Wikipedia was founded by the atheist Jimmy Wales and the agnostic Larry Sanger and it retains its pro-evolution bias.

The Times of India reports:
Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia used by millions around the world, lost nearly 10 per cent of its page-views last year. That's a decline of about 2 billion between December 2012 and December 2013. It's most popular versions are leading the slide: page-views of the English Wikipedia declined by 12 per cent, those of German version slid by 17 per cent and the Japanese version lost 9 per cent.
While Wikipedia's managers think that this could be due to errors in counting, other experts feel that Google's Knowledge Graphs project launched last year may be gobbling up Wikipedia users.
An informative article by Mario Aguilar published on August 13, 2012 called the pro-evolution online encyclopedia Wikipedia a "broken, disorganized mess".

Consider this information from the article Wikipedia Is Running Out of Editors and Admins:

The total number of active English Wikipedia editors making five edits or more a month is down from a peak of over 50,000 in the summer of 2007 to just 30,000 this year. In October 2005, Wikimedia elected 67 administrators, and a typical month around that time would see the number reach at least 40 or 50. Nowadays, that figure is in the single digits...
An August 14, 2012 CNN article entitled How to solve your Wikipedia problem (if you have one) describes Wikipedia thusly:
But with its clunky code, obscure rules, and an increasingly hostile community, Wikipedia has become the new thorn in the side of countless startups, small businesses, celebrities, and prominent executives.
Meanwhile internet creationism is growing

The Creation Ministries International meme is growing stronger. The memes of Richard Dawkins are growing weaker

Creation Ministries International blows past Richard Dawkins in terms of their website traffic. 

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