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Yet another blow to Wikipedia, one of the biggest pro-evolution websites, happened in 2013. The evidence is pouring in that 2013 was the WORST year in the history of Darwinism

As noted in my previous article, the pro-evolution website Wikipedia was founded by an atheist and an agnostic and it is thought Wikipedia may have lost 2 billion page views in 2013 due to Google's Knowledge graph: Another significant blow to internet Darwinism and atheism? Major news outlet reports Wikipedia's viewership may be sliding .   2 billion potentially lost page views! That is potentially a lot of lost page views, isn't Darwinists!

Of course, this provides more evidence that The Daily Beast was right in declaring that "2013 was a terrible year for Evolution". See: The Daily Beast declares "2013 Was a Terrible Year for Evolution". Meanwhile, global evangelicalism is G-R-O-W-I-N-G!

Yet another blow to the pro-evolution website Wikipedia happened in 2013

The pro-evolution newspaper The Star Tribune declared in an article entitled Shift to mobile leaves Wikipedia worried about its future:
The Internet behemoths Google and Facebook have proved they can still attract users and advertisers as their traffic shifts from desktops to mobile devices. 

But at Wikipedia, the giant online encyclopedia, the transition to a mobile world raises a different existential question: Will people continue to create articles and edit its 9 million existing ones on the small screen of a smartphone or tablet?

“This is definitely something we were pretty worried about in 2013,” said Erik Möller, deputy director of the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that operates Wikipedia with donations rather than ads. To address this concern, the foundation has formed a team of 10 software developers focused on mobile. As of July, mobile users could edit and create articles...
Wikipedia, the world’s fifth-largest website, has been especially slow to adapt to a mobile world.
Changes and additions to Wikipedia have declined, possibly because of a shift to mobile platforms, where users are far less likely to edit entries in the online encyclopedia. 

Meanwhile, the website of Creation Ministries International has just about doubled  its mobile traffic since February of 2013. 

Take a second look at the Star Tribune article Darwinists. Eric Moller, the Deputy Director of the Wikipedia Foundation, was "pretty worried" - he started sweating bullets in 2013! I don't blame him! No doubt he is still worried.

Jesus' kingdom vs. men's kingdoms - Jesus wins again!

Baal worship, the Roman Empire, the British Empire, Wikipedia and eventually Darwinism - men's kingdoms crumble and then fall - while the words of Jesus, creator of the heavens and earth,  continue to live on forever and ever. Look at the global market share of going significantly up in 2013: global market share    Yes, more and more people were reading the words of Moses in the Book of Genesis in 2013, while the page views of Wikipedia's Darwinists went down in 2013.   2013 was the WORST year in the history of Darwinism, just like we predicted! See: 2013 will be the WORST year in the history of Darwinism

Christianity continues to be largest religion in the world according to a recent Pew Research study as can be seen at:  Religious Landscape Survey of 2013 - Pew Research  and global biblical creationism is seeing rapid growth in the world as well (see:  Global creationism  ).

Evolutionists, mark this down: 2014 will be the WORST year in the history of Darwinism - just like 2013 except WORSE! The global creationism juggernaut will not be stopped in 2014.

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