Tuesday, April 22, 2014

All evidence indicates China's atheist leaders are escalating their war against Christians in China, not the other way around. Why are atheists so afraid of Christians? Also, the coming surprise for evolutionists

The National Review reports: China’s Exploding Christian Population Still Facing Persecution

Why are China's atheist leaders so afraid of Christians? Why are militant atheists so afraid of Christians and young earth creationists?

Creationists are expanding their capabilities

By the way, previously we published an article entitled A systematic approach to attacking Darwinism in 2014 and beyond in which we mentioned the modern technological marvels the Apache Attack helicopters.  It turns out that Apache Longbow Helicopters have recently upgraded their technology  in a significant way.

In the first portion of this year, particularly in April of 2014, our Question Evolution! Campaign group has quietly and significantly upgraded our capabilities.  One of the great things about the Apache Longbow Helicopter is its stealthiness and firepower. By the time an enemy sees an Apache Longbow Helicopter, it is too late! 

Apache Longbow Helicopter

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