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UK's Daily Mail reports that American echo boomers (ages 18-36) are more likely to believe in various forms of nonsense - Darwinism, astrology, reincarnation and UFOs

The UK's Daily Mail reveals that American echo boomers (ages 18-36) are more likely to believe in various forms of nonsense - Darwinism, astrology, reincarnation and UFOs: Are Americans starting to lose faith? Belief in God and miracles declines as Darwinism becomes more popular

Many schools are not doing enough to teach critical thinking/logic and it shows. They would prefer to indoctrinate in leftist propaganda instead. There hasn't been a large increase in Darwinism amongst this particular American generation, but an increase nonetheless according to this survey data. Academic research indicates that "gut feelings" is a causal factor in the adoption of evolutionary beliefs and that the non-religious are more likely to believe in nonsense like astrology, etc. See: Evolutionary gut feelings, "Belief in Evolution Boils Down to a Gut Feeling" and  Who is irrational now? 

I often find it both very sad and amusing that Darwinist repeatedly use logical fallacies when arguing their position (fallacy of exclusion, genetic fallacy, appeal to authority, etc.) and how utterly impotent they are in offering satisfactory answers to the  15 Questions for evolutionists.  

For example, the website RationalWiki still hasn't come to terms with leading evolutionists like PZ Myers and Nick Matzke indicating that the origin of life is a part of the evolutionary paradigm (the first question of the 15 questions for evolutionists focuses on the origin of life). Furthermore, Richard Dawkins asserted a naturalistic hypothesis to the origin of life in his book entitled The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution. See: Origin of life  Instead RationalWiki  falsely asserts that: "This first question is actually entirely irrelevant - Evolution does not claim to explain the origin of life, nor has it ever attempted to do so." This is a classic case of evolutionists illogically employing the fallacy of exclusion  (withholding important and relevant information relative to the matter at hand).

Of course, the comical thing about RationalWiki is that an evolutionist "champion" of their website, Fergus Mason, promised to debate the biology student VivaYehsha and then cowardly backed down from his debate agreement. See:  Fergus Mason backed down from the debate he agreed to Of course, this confirms that Mr. Mason is merely a Darwinist poseur and has no real conviction about his alleged evolutionary belief.

The younger generation in America, which has become more indoctrinated in public schools as far as Darwinism,  has also become more liberal. Liberalism highly correlates with belief in Darwinism but the political pendulum could easily swing given America's 17 trillion dollar federal government debt and its eventual consequences.

Countries with aging populations and/or heavy debt loads are often eventually experiencing a lot of economic troubles (Greece, Italy, Eurozone Crisis, etc.).  And many local governments have large amount of financial liabilities as well.  Even the agnostic/liberal  Bill Gates has spoken about how public school budgets are going to be very much stressed in coming years and there may be a big crisis in funding public schools. And homeschooling is growing fast in the United States. Many people in the world have turned to biblical Christianity amidst economic troubles. See: Economics and Darwinism/atheism  and The agnostic Bill Gates presents data supporting the idea that public schools are facing increasing funding issues. Good news for cost effective creationist private education

The Soviet Union's foolish communist system, which also advocated Darwinism via the government,  lasted for about 70 years and collapsed under its own weight. The handwriting is on the wall that American liberalism, which became more fashionable about 60 years ago since the 1960s,  is about the experience an eventual crisis soon (Federal government debt load, unpopularity of ObamaCare, a host of underperforming schools, high divorce rate, high incarceration rate, etc. etc.). Liberalism is often not very sustainable in the long run due to sub-replacement levels of birth rates of liberal/secular people and other negative effects upon society.

A positive development in the United States shows that amongst the Hispanic population in the United Sates and Latin American evangelical Christianity is growing fast. UK's academic Eric Kaufmann and other academics have data indicating that due to the higher birth rates of religious conservatives and religious immigration that secularism will wither away and the religious conservatism will hold sway. The world's population as a whole percentage wise is seeing a strong and long standing trend of the global resurgence of religion and the decline of atheism/agnosticism. See: Why are the years 2012 and 2020 key years for creationist and pro-lifers?

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