Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 reasons why 2013 was the WORST year in the history of Darwinism and atheism. 2014 is going to be an even WORSE year for Darwinism and atheism

We predicted that atheism was going to take a beating in 2013 and it was going to be the WORSE year in the history of atheism and Darwinism.  This has come true in spades. 


1. People did a declining number of Google searches for atheism in 2013. See: Google searches go down for atheism in 2013

2. The prominent atheist PZ Myers declared in 2013 that he quit the skeptical movement.  See: PZ Myers quits the skeptical movement

3. Creation Ministries International saw its highest web traffic in 2013.  See: Creation.com sees growth in web visitors

4. The events of 2013 would appear to indicate that atheism lost global market share in 2013 which is part of a decades long global trend. See: Global Study: Atheists in Decline, Only 1.8% of World Population by 2020 and Resources on the decline of global atheism

5. Richard Dawkins, who flip-flops between being an atheist and agnostic in his public statements,  is now hated by many in the atheist/agnostic community and his website traffic further plunged in 2013 after taking a steep dive in 2012 as can be seen in the graph below. See: Richard Dawkins is a flip-flopper

And below the graph of the web traffic for the website of Richard Dawkins, is even WORSE news for militant atheists.We clearly show in the information below this graph that 2014 is going to be the WORST year in the history of Darwinism and atheism.

Uniques (Global) per

Directly Measured

Future of atheism is bleak

As the global market share of atheism continues to plunge, we will continue to see atheism take beating after beating. A de-secularization in the West will inevitably arrive due to a large influx of religious immigrants, the higher fertility of religious conservatives and the below replacement level of births for the secular community. And all this will happen in the foreseeable future as global Christianity/creationism continues to see rapid growth.  See: Global Christianity/creationism

Of course, while this happens, the already factious atheist "community" will experience more and more infighting as losing teams often like to pin the blame on someone.  And as PZ Myers helps demonstrate, more and more people will quit the skeptical "movement" as people do not like to be on losing teams which have no real future. See: Future of atheism is very bleak

Furthermore, atheists/evolutionists have no real evidence for their position and that is why evolutionists/atheists are commonly ducking debates. See: 21st century atheism is well-known for its foolishness and cowardice On the other hand, Christianity has an abundant amount of evidence supporting it.  See: Evidence for Christianity

So what is 2014 going to be like for atheism and Darwinism? 2014 is going to be the WORST year in the history of Darwinism and atheism. 

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