Friday, May 11, 2012

Barack Obama’s evolution: racism and same-sex marriage

When we consider the basic definition of “evolution” as indicative of the production of new species via mutations and natural selection via a blind, thoughtless process we note that the term “evolution” is quite often misused and applied to that which it does not pertain.

For example, in a trailer to the movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” the world “Evolution” appeared on the screen. Yet, the movie was not about evolution but about purposeful, goal driven, intelligent design since the premised was generic manipulation by scientists (see a two part article here and here).

Likewise, “evolution” is in the news again. Searching Google on Friday May 11, 2012 AD at 6:35 a.m. for “‘Barack Obama’ evolution” specifically searching within “Past hour” we get 948 returns, searching within “Past 24 hours” we get 40,400 returns, “Past week” and we get 137,000.

This is because Barack Obama and Joe Biden have come out of the we want more votes closet and endorsed same-sex marriage. They have made reference to the “evolution” of their views on the subject—which is a quaint way of saying flip flop—and the pop-culture-media has parroted their terminology.

Yet, this was not evolution as that would denote a blind random chance rather, this was intelligent design (how intelligent it is, is another question). In fact Barack Obama was honest enough to admit that the basis of his announcement was political expediency as he specifically planned to come out, “before the election and before the convention.”

Within that context the low hanging fruit definition of evolution is being used, the one that causes so very many conflicts and so much confusion which is to define evolution merely as “change,” “change over time,” etc.
Look at a textbook such as Campbell and Reece’s Biology (6th ed. Glossary) and you will find evolution defined as:

All the changes that have transformed life on Earth from its earliest beginnings to the diversity that characterizes it today.

It is with this definition in mind that evolutionists will ask Christians whether they believe in evolution and when the Christian responds in the negative the evolutionists dismisses Christianity as the stuff of delusion. This is because with this definition in mind, when the Christian says, “I don’t believe in evolution” what the evolutionist hears is, “I don’t believe that living organisms change.”
Lesson to be learned is: always define your terms so that when you are asked about your belief in evolution the first thing out of your mouth is not “Yes” or “No” but, “What do you mean by ‘evolution’?”

Sadly, Barack Obama himself has been the victim of Darwinian racism as throughout his campaigning and presidency he has been often likened to a chimp or some sort of ape.

This was done for the very same reason why Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, complained about having to compete against the Olympian and African American Jesse Owens. It was because, within his evolutionary worldview, it was like making humans (Aryans) compete against a deer or gazelle as Owens was seen as evolutionarily closer to animals.

The misuse of the term “evolution” and the racist employment of concept of “evolution” are two very good, important and more relevant reasons to join the Question Evolution! Campaign. Ask that the term “evolution” be defined and then ask the 15 questions for evolutionists.

For more on Darwinian evolutionary racism see:’s many articles on the subject

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