Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How loyal are Creation Ministries International fans?

Worldwide web traffic to in terms of web visitor loyalty: 


United States web traffic to in terms of web visitor loyalty:, which is the website of Creation Ministries International, has the highest percentage of visits from very loyal visitors of any creationist website according to the available data that Quantcast has publicly available (Quantcast give webmasters the option to have their web traffic directly measured by Quantcast via a special embedded code). Don't believe me? Go to and look up your favorite creationist websites and judge for yourself. 

In addition, the yearly web traffic to so far is way up in 2014 according to Quantcast., the website of Creation Ministries International,  has seen a significant uptick in visits from very loyal web visitors recently - a 33% improvement since November of 2012 (see:  November 2012 data). The results are pretty impressive.

Of course, this is easily explained - especially after they completely debunked Darwinism via their: 15 questions for evolutionists, impressive 101 evidences for a young earth article, and their masterful origin of life article. And who could forget their flagship arguments evolutionist should not use article which stops evolutionary bunkum dead in its tracks.  

I almost feel sorry for dogmatic evolutionists. After having a steady, compelling, creationist evidence and arguments barrage rain down on them from the scientists at, many evolutionists must have creationist arguments induced mental shell shock by now. In short, a case of Post Compelling Creationist Arguments Traumatic Syndrome (PCCATS).  Of course, there is a simple and painless cure - become biblical creationists.

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