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Financial bubbles bursting in lower and higher education and its effect on Darwinist indoctrination

The Huffington Post recently quotes an adjunct professor declaring
 The compensation was abysmal. Low wages. No benefits (most important of those being a health plan). This came out to about $16-17k a year (about what I made in 1979) and included summer semesters. The only way I could afford to take a position was to supplement the meager wages with $1,000 a month from my investments plus dip now and then for large ticket items (e.g., property taxes). I rarely touch the one credit card I own. I wasn't saving but still, a single drink now and then from a barrel the size of a small Fort Knox can't hurt much....
The implications of this corporatized campus environment has systemic implications for our America's intellectual infrastructure. The delivery of higher education has become a cheat, a hustle, and thoroughly corrupt. Most of all it is unsustainable, for what young person in their right mind will pursue a graduate degree with the intention of becoming a college professor?

Also, the influential Chronicle of Higher Education declares:
The Chronicle article on the Sterling and Bain report notes that the period of study, 2005-2010, included one very bad year for college endowments, which may have skewed some of the results. Some colleges and universities are so wealthy that they are practically immune from those losses and, anyway, their endowments have since recovered. But Sterling and Bain stand by their larger claim that about a third of American colleges and universities have unhealthy financial outlooks. In a word, they are unsustainable.

How dependent is Darwinism on higher education indoctrination?

In January of 2012, National Public Radio reported:
The evidence is clear, as in a February 2009 , taken on the eve of the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birthday, that reported only 39 percent of Americans say they "believe in the theory of evolution," while a quarter say they do not believe in the theory, and another 36 percent don't have an opinion either way.
The same poll correlated belief in evolution with educational level: 21 percent of people with a high school education or less believed in evolution. That number rose to 41 percent for people with some college attendance, 53 percent for college graduates, and 74 percent for people with a postgraduate education.
Darwinist public school indoctrination in grammar schools, junior high schools and  high schools 

Since Darwinist indoctrination occurs heavily in grammar and high schools that are public schools, is this type of education on more solid financial footing long term or does it face upcoming big challenges as well?

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If you still doubt that more and more public schools that support evolutionism are under the gun financially and that a problem is festering and growing bigger, below is a video by the evolutionist and former agnostic Bill Gates.

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