Saturday, April 14, 2012

If you want to stay an evolutionist, don't go to South Melbourne, Australia

Are you an evolutionist? If you want to stay an evolutionist, I wouldn't go vacationing in South Melbourne, Australia if I were you! See the picture below!

Question: Did Richard Dawkins take a rent a car to go to the 2012 Global Atheism Convention in Melbourne, Australia? Did he question his evolutionary beliefs? One thing for sure and that is that Richard Dawkins cannot answer the 15 questions for evolutionists of the Question Evolution! Campaign.

Evolutionist, remember the last time that Creation Ministries International stumped Richard Dawkins? (See: IS RICHARD DAWKINS REALLY STUMPED? The TRUTH - In His OWN WORDS - YES...he is!).

Well, Richard Dawkins has been stumped 15 more times!

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