Sunday, April 1, 2012

Evolution quotes #49

Today being April 1st, which in the USA is “April Fool’s Day,” it seemed quite relevant to present the following, quotation from Do-While Jones, “Death and Taxonomy,” Science Against Evolution website:

“…evolutionists believe that because the bobcat, cheetah, domestic cat, jaguar, leopard, lion, lynx, ocelot, puma, and tiger are so similar, they all must have evolved from an extinct common ancestor (the missing cat link).
They also believe that the missing cat ancestor, and the missing bear ancestor, and the missing dog ancestor all evolved from a missing carnivore ancestor.
The missing carnivore ancestor and the missing rodent ancestor, and the missing ancestors of the other 16 orders, all evolved from a missing mammal ancestor.
The missing mammal ancestor, the missing fish ancestor, the missing amphibian ancestor, the missing bird ancestor, and the missing reptile ancestor, all evolved from the missing vertebrate ancestor.
(Or, perhaps, the missing bird ancestor evolved from a reptile ancestor.)
And all these missing vertebrate ancestors either evolved from an unknown invertebrate, or evolved from the missing common ancestor of vertebrates and invertebrates.”

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