Friday, November 25, 2011

Questioning Evolution

One of the basic practices of an educated society is teaching its members to ask questions. Question everything. Ask questions of parents, teachers, scientists, theologians, government officials; ask questions of everyone. We are even encouraged to ask questions of God.

God does not mind us asking questions of Him; actually, He quite prefers it, particularly if we are willing to listen for and seek the answers from Him and His Word. Parents often enjoy answering the questions of their children, though sometimes a child’s curiosity requires more time in the day to be able to answer the multitude of questions a curious child often has. Teachers enjoy students who ask questions in attempt to understand the subjects they are teaching, it shows that they have engaged the students and are helping the students learn to think and seek answers.

Scientists often pride themselves upon their ability to ask questions, and finding the right questions to ask in order to push the boundaries of knowledge as far as possible. Theologians enjoy questions because it shows an inquisitiveness and desire to learn more of the things of God.

There is, however, one subject area that seems to have become off limits in seriously asking questions, particularly if you want solid, truthful answers. This subject is evolution. People who question evolution, and the belief system inherent in evolution are often mercilessly ridiculed, particularly if they insist upon truthful answers.

Evolution is a belief system that explains the existence of the universe in which we live, and all life within it. It is time to Question Evolution! It is time to continue questioning evolution until the truth of this bankrupt belief system is exposed for what it is: a series of beliefs void of scientific proof that is dressed in scientific sounding language created in order to deny the existence of the Creator.

So, let us take the lessons we were taught by our parents, teachers, scientists and theologians and start to Question Evolution! Let us ask questions until we get honest and truthful answers. Let us learn to respect those who disagree with us, and respectfully continue to Question Evolution! until we get the honest and truthful answers we seek.


  1. Outstanding - intellectual integrity obliges us to ask questions, and the fact that Evolution hates the sincerely curious mind shows its lack of any intellectual honesty. Eloquently put, Jim!


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