Sunday, March 24, 2013

We challenge Reddit atheists to take our mental fitness tests

We challenge Reddit atheists to take our mental fitness tests! 

Please see: Attention evolutionists and atheists: Can you pass these mental fitness tests?

Our Question Evolution! Campaign group does not believe that Reddit atheists will be able to pass both tests. 

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  1. FrankF,

    You just opened your anonymous blogger account in March 2013 and you tried to post drivel commentary at this blog.

    If you want to move forward, you need to accept this debate offer and take action on it.

    Here is the debate offer:

    Are you willing to have a debate centered around the 15 questions for evolutionists (see: )
    via a recorded oral debate which would be distributed to tens of thousands of people.

    If you are confident in your evolutionary beliefs, please make the necessary arrangements via this free chat room:,89538844 You can make the necessary arrangements with the chat room moderators Shockofgod or VivaYehshua. Alternatively, you can email Shockofgod via his YouTube email at

    If you want to know more about the debate, any and all questions should be directed to Shockofgod or VivaYehshua

    There will be no future communication with you via this blog until you accept this debate offer and carry through with the debate.


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