Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Creationist dinosaur cartoons for kids - inoculating kids against Darwinism and teaching them young earth creationism

Previously we did a post entitled Creation Ministries International is inoculating young people against Darwinism. Let's break the back of Darwinism! which discussed some of the ways we intend to make the Question Evolution! Campaign friendly to young people.  This will be fantastic as it will inoculate kids against evolutionary beliefs so they are very much against them before the evolutionists ever reach them with their Darwinist pseudoscience.

Dinosaurs cartoons for kids to teach them young earth creationism plus other creationist materials for young people

We have some good news. In 2013, we are rolling out some excellent materials for young people. I don't want to spoil the surprise but they are going to be exciting.

One of the ideas our Question Evolution! group would like to explore is dinosaur cartoons for kids which will teach them young earth creationism and inoculate them against evolutionism. There must be a number of Christians who are capable of doing this.  For example, the Christian apologist JP Holding is able to cartoons and I feature one of his informative and entertaining videos below. Specifically I feature Holding's video Elisha and the two bears.

The was an animated work which was very popular called Prince of Egypt.  How about an animated work entitled Eve and her Garden of Eden dinosaur pets!  After all, dinosaurs and man coexisted! See: Dinosaurs and man coexisted

Yesterday,  I was speaking to a Christian nanny and she loves spending time with the kids watching their favorite cartoons. So these dinosaur cartoons will not only be very educational, but they will also be very popular with kids, moms, families and nannies as well!  Not only that but the cartoons can be distributed via Christian television networks and reach millions of people. In addition, there is no reason why couldn't be translated into multiple languages. See: Top 10 languages for turbocharging creation evangelism. Our Question Evolution! teams translating goals

Dinosaur evangelism spread far and wide!

Once these popular creationist dinosaur cartoons are created a number of popular educational materials could be created around them.  These items could be promoted on the internet, Christian television, magazines, stores, flea markets and booths. See also: Question Evolution! Campaign combined with dinosaur information for young people

Behold the shape of things to come! The Question Evolution! Campaign booths combined with dinosaur evangelism!

JP Holding's Elisha and the Two Bears 

Question Evolution! Campaign resources and other resources

Question Evolution! Campaign

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Creation Ministries International Question Evolution! Videos

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Public domain pictures from  http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/hledej.php?hleda=dinosaur


  1. You know, if you keep your head in the sand and ignore the evidence, this makes perfect sense!

    1. Mazzy,

      Two things:

      1. One thing your comment noticeably lacked: proof and evidence of the evolutionary worldview.

      2. Are you willing to have a debate centered around the 15 questions for evolutionists (see: http://creation.com/15-questions )
      via a recorded oral debate which would be distributed to tens of thousands of people.

      If you are confident in your evolutionary beliefs, please make the necessary arrangements via this free chat room: http://login.meetcheap.com/conference,89538844 You can make the necessary arrangements with the chat room moderators Shockofgod or VivaYehshua. Alternatively, you can email Shockofgod via his YouTube email at http://www.youtube.com/user/shockofgod

      If you want to know more about the debate, any and all questions should be directed to Shockofgod or VivaYehshua

      There will be no future communication with you via this blog until you accept this debate offer and carry through with the debate.


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