Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Creation and Earth History Museum and the Question Evolution! Campaign are teaming up!

The The Creation and Earth History Museum in Santee, California (San Diego, California area) and the Question Evolution! Campaign are teaming up to take a dinosaur sized bite out of evolutionary belief!

The big effect creation museums can have in reducing evolutionary belief - the Alberta experience

The Creation and Earth History Museum currently has a large amount of visitors each year and has aggressive plans to increase their annual visitors. The museum, which is free to visit, is very impressive and very educational and they offer a virtual tour of their museum. Creation museums can have a big effect on reducing the amount of evolutionary belief in a large geographic area. For example, see what a big effect creation museums had in Alberta in our post about Canadian creation museums.

Strategic partnership

The owner of this creation museum was aware of the Question Evolution! Campaign and is very open to forming a mutually beneficial relationship. For example, he expressed a definite interest in carrying the Question Evolution! tracts and Question Evolution! t-shirts in the Christian/creation store which is attached to his museum. In addition, he is open to incorporating some of the 15 questions for evolutionists into his museum. Now in turn, we can assist him in growing the campaign in his area plus let people know about his museum. Also, we could help him get creationist speakers for his museum. Was there ever a better match made in heaven?

Evolutionism and atheism is doomed which must be very debilitating to atheists and evolutionists who want to continue their sinful lifestyles

Dogmatic atheists and evolutionists, we know that you cannot answer the 15 questions for evolutionists so it must be very mentally debilitating to see the grassroots Question Evolution! unfold before your eyes - especially since you want to continue your sinful lifestyles. Plus, a key ally of evolutionism is atheism and global atheism is shrinking and it is expected to shrink at an accelerated rate. So-called "liberal Christianity" is shrinking too! It must be so sad to be an evolutionist and/or atheist.

And meanwhile global Christianity and Bible believing Christianity is rapidly expanding in the world! It is such a good time to be Bible believing creationist! Hallelujah!

Faster, stronger, higher! We're not stopping. We are not giving up. Get used to the campaign evolutionists because it is not going away and it is expanding.

Creation and Earth History Museum hours of operation and contact information

Visit the free Creation and Earth History Museum Mon.-Sat. 9am-6pm. For more information call 619-599-1104

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  2. Hello brothers and sisters, I thought you might like my new definition for the atheist evolution conspiracists we face, as a bit fo good humor! I call them, not Evolutionists but EVOLUTIONMISTS




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